Eleanor Estes

A case of tuberculosis launched the writing career of Eleanor Estes, who had been working as a librarian until she had to take to her bed. While recovering, she began writing down childhood memories, memories that would translate into a series of books that captured the imagination of children for decades to come.

Born in 1906 in Connecticut as Eleanor Ruth Rosenfield, Estes won both Newbery Honors and a Medal for her books and later was honored with a certificate of Outstanding Contribution to Children's Literature and was nominated for a Laura Ingalls Wilder Award.

Estes died in 1988.


The Moffats
The Hundred Dresses
The Middle Moffat
The Witch Family
Rufus M.
A Little Oven
Ginger Pye
The Coat-Hanger Christmas Tree
Pinky Pye
The Lost Umbrella of Kim Chu

--B. Redman